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Site: search to find keyword & number of pages of a site in google index

It is a good idea to keep a record of google index of your site. To know number of pages indexed, google offers a simple command. At the search window just type.


This will tell you how many pages are indexed by google. Now you have added a new section and kept it inside a directory and want to know how many pages are indexed. You can use the command like this.


Searching within the site

You can use this command to find out more information about your site also. Say you want to know where all you have used the term math functions inside your particular directory. Now we will use the example of this site www.plus2net.com . To know the number of times math functions is used inside PHP tutorial section we will search this line at google.

math functions site:www.plus2net.com/php_tutorial/

This became a site specific search now. You can use this command to search within a site ( within the directory ). So any thing you type at left of the site command will be searched within the site specified at right side of the site command.

Identifying spam keywords or hacked sites

Some time hackers can take control of some site and place hidden text or links to spam sites. In forums or comment postings where users generated content is published , there is a chance that spam links or text will be posted. To identify such problematic text present in our site we can go for a site check command like this

site:www.example.com Viagra

Replace your site name at example.com. Now this word Viagra where ever it is used in our example.com, will be displayed by google. Similarly we can check all types of words present within our site by this method.

Knowing the supplemental results.

Supplemental results have become one of the key factor and webmasters keep an eye on this as they don't want pages to be in supplemental records. To know how many pages are in supplemental we can go for a site search for the site by site:www.sitename.com. Once the pages are displayed go to preference at the right of top search box at google and change the number of records per page based on the number of pages your site have. Now you can easily reach the page where your main index ends and supplemental pages starts. Keep a note of this record. Even some people keep the ratio of pages in main index and pages in supplemental index.

There is another way of finding out but this is not conformed by google so after some time it may not work. You can try searching like this to get only supplemental pages of your site

site:www.sitename.com **** -sa

This you can use to list pages in google main index only of your site


site search is a good feature offered by google on knowing what is there in google index about your site

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Search Engine Optimization and google articles
Yeah i m newbie in SEO/SMO industry! please suggest me to improve knowledge Effectively ! Is thier any way to Know the Keyword of any site .
Very good web Site to developed the PHP knowledge
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