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Default web page of a website of a site

Any website we develop we will be willing to make it available over the internet for others to view. After designing the site or working on the content of the web pages we will be publishing the site by uploading the content to one server. As we know these servers are specially designed servers capable of serving the requirement of internet, we call them as web servers. Our web hosting providers provide these hosting services to us. We use their services and upload our files to the server.

How much we should pay them ( hosting providers )and what hosting package we will take we will discuss separately in our web hosting section.

Now let us assume that we have taken a hosting package and our domain name is registered with a domain name registrar. If you want to know more abut how to book a domain name read this article.

Our website points to a directory of the web hosting server. By using FTP (File transfer protocol) software we can connect to our web server and based on our user id and password as provided by hosting company we will be taken to our hosting directory. What should be our default file which will open once the domain is typed at the address bar ? This issue is address by our web server settings. A group of file names along with extensions are given with order of priority to open. For example say we have index.php and index.html files in the root of the site, so by default index.html file will open as default file unless the file name is specified at the url. Here is an example.

http://www.sitename.com/ This will open index.html file
http://www.sitename.com/index.php This will open index.php file only.

However the default page is set at server end and can be changed. But usually index.html files get first priority over any .php or .asp files.

When linking back to home page from internal pages we should use the same setting. It is a good practice to point to home page as http://www.sitename.com than http://www.sitename.com/index.html .

Default page setting for a website in IISDefault page can be set or priority can be updated in IIS web server by going to web site property and then visit Documents tab ( at top ) and then you can add or update the file default settings.

In Apache web server you need to open the configuration file and change the settings to open the default page.

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