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Your website is key to your success. We can work with you to make it happen.
What We can do for you ... ( Please let us know ) List of sites maintained by us

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We can take care of your site and regularly maintain it. You can focus in your core business and we will be supporting you by optimizing content and updating site for you. Here is a short list of jobs we can take up but feel free to contact us for any additional requirements.

Updating content
Monitoring search engine ranking
Optimizing pages for ranking
Periodical back up
Addition of content
Adding new pages
Visitors tracking ( google analytic etc )

Any other job as per requirement

Design and hosting of your website.
We will design a 10 page website for you and setup the hosting for one year.
Update your site for every month and we will submit a status report to you.
Monitor your ranking and optimize pages for search engines
Regular back up and other maintenance jobs

Design & programming of your website
We will be adding scripts to your site, it can be a forum or a blog or a shopping cart. We can integrate an admin area to manage content. These database driven sites we will host and maintain for you.

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