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If you want to be in World Wide Web (WWW), you have to publish your pages by hosting them in an internet server. It can be a full fledged domain name like www.sitename.com or it can be a part of one existing domain name like www.some-service-provider.com/mysitename/. Internet servers are known as web hosting servers and are kept in locations with high speed internet connections. Theoretically even one desktop computer with web server software like IIS or Apache and connected to the internet can do the job of a web server. Here two important requirements are to be mate. First one is fixed IP address to locate the domain names hosted on the server and the other one is good internet connection to match the bandwidth requirement to cater the need of multiple visitors at a particular time. We will discuss different aspects of hosting and related issues here.

Email Accounts in web hosting services: Every hosting provider as a part of the offer or plan offers email address with the account. Learn different aspects of these offers.

Bandwidth requirement for a web hosting plan: How much bandwidth we require to host our site. Is it same in all cases?

Hosting disk space requirements: How much space we need to host our site? Should I go for more space or go for less space and high bandwidth?

Type of Hosting Server: In which server I should take my plan? Should I go for Windows or Linux server?

Domain name: Domain name are included in my package? Should I go for hosting with domain name booked by my host or I should take up only hosting. Why I should get control over my DNS.

Database: Do I need one database support or I can manage with out one? How many database I should get in my hosting plan.

Support: Can I get support at the time of need. What is the response time of my query? Do they have trouble ticket number system?

Price: How much I should spend? Can I get one within my budget? Find your answer here.
Email Accounts in web hosting services
Hosting disk space requirements
Type of servers in hosting services
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