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Tags are instructions that are embedded directly into the text of a HTML document. Each HTML tag describes that the browser should do something instead of simply displaying the text. In HTML, the tags begin with (<) and end with (>)
HTML tags can be of two types. They are
1. Paired Tags
2. Unpaired Tags

Paired Tags:

A tag is said to be a paired tag if the text is placed between a tag and its companion tag. In paired tags, the first tag is referred to as Opening Tag and the second tag is referred to as Closing Tag.


<i>This text is in italics. </i>

Note: Here <i> is called opening tag. and </i> is called closing tag.

Unpaired Tags:

An unpaired tag does not have a companion tag. Unpaired tags are also known as Singular or Stand-Alone Tags.


<br> , <hr>

etc. These tags does not require any companion tag.

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