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When I first started writing html tags in 1999 for my home page, I used Win Notepad. Then I was searching for a better editor to work with multiple windows with easy search replace tool and copy paste tool. Then I started using Arachnophilia and I was comfortable with it. I changed the background color as working in white background for a long time was paining to my eyes. I stayed with this, as I prefer hand coding than using any advance editor. Since last four years I am using this but now many free editors are available. We posted these details and asked our visitors to give their views on this and the tool they are using. Many posts have come. You can read them and post your views at


You must have seen the way google returns the records and display 10 ( or more ) records per page and you can move to any page with Previous and Next link to move to next or previous pages. This is a better way of displaying when you have more records. You have to give navigational tool at the bottom of the records to move to different pages. This is known as Paging and there is a article on how to write code for paging and you can download the sample code to test at your server. See the details at


Please give your views and comments to us. Do you have any article or tutorials or you can write on web programming or design? We are looking for articles on these areas , Please contact us for the details.

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