14JavaScript code is executed by
Client web browser
Web Server
Client Operating System
A Add-on to be installed at client computer
15One of the best use of JavaScript is to
Connect to Database server
Validate user input in a web form
Design a logo for web page
Control the layout and design of the page
16What is the connection between Java and JavaScript
Both are almost similar scripts
They are developed by same company
There is no similarities in any form other than the name
JavaScript is much more advance and powerful than Java
17Which of the following job we can't do by using Client side JavaScript
Details about hte browser client is using
Size of the window opened by the user
Manage Cookies
display records from the database table
18Date and time displayed by using JavaScript code is
based on the client or user computer date and time
based on the web server date and time
We can't display any date of time by using JavaScript
Average of server time and client time