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Feedback forms are quite popular in websites where user entered data is posted to any email address or it can be stored in a database. The basic feedback script is explained here. We will learn Ajax based feedback form and how to manage the data posted by visitors.

Advantage of Ajax in feedback form here.

The main advantage is we can validate the user inputs and display the error message without reloading the page. After checking the error message it became easy for the user to take corrective action. There are three files used to develop the contact us script.
This file displays the basic form in html. On submit of this form the Ajax function ajaxFunction() is triggered.
This is an external JavaScript code fill attacted to contactus.php page. The ajax code is kept here
This file collects all the user input data and validates them. If data validation is clear then it gives a thanks message. If the validation fails then corresponding error message is returned to conactus.php page.

In addition to above three files there is one style sheet file ( style.css ) attached to contactus.php page.
In the contactusck-ajax.php page update your email address before using the script.
mail("user@example.com",$sub,$body_dtl,$headers); // Posting mail 
Learn about the script in next section.
Basic of Feedback from
Part 2 HTML part of Feedback from
Part 3 JavaScript code of Ajax Feedback from
part 4 PHP script of Feedback from

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