Random number generator

We can generate random value by using PHP. We can specify a range and the random value between those two ranges (inclusive) will be generated.

Note that here we are generating a random number only. To get any random characters we can use arrays. The details on how to generate random characters is available here.

Here is the code to generate random numbers.

echo "<br>Random
Value = ".rand(5,10);     

// Will display random value between 5 and 10 ( both inclusive )

Random number of different length

We can create a script to generate random number of different length. Let us try to develop a script to print random number of 5 character length.

Here it is
for($i=1; $i<=$no_of_digits; $i++){
$var .=rand(0,9);
echo "<br>Random Value = $var"; 
Output is here
Random Value = 33369
Read here how to generate random string having alphabets and digits
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how to generate the random number in php

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