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We can display all directory and files present inside a given directory by using scandir php function. This function returns an array. Here is the syntax.
Directy_sting: directory name as string
Sort_order: (Optional)The listing order is ascending by default ( alphabetical ). Can by changed by SCANDIR_SORT_DESCENDING and Random by SCANDIR_SORT_NONE
Context: ( Optional )

Here is the simple code to list all files and directory present in a directory.
$ar=scandir('test_dir'); // Change this input 
Listing all files and directory of current folder
Listing all files and directory of up folder
We can develop a small script which will first list file and directory of current directory. All listed directory will have hyperlink to list files and directory present inside that on click. We have used is_dir function to check if the output string is a directory or not.
while (list ($key, $val) = each ($ar)) {
echo "<a href=scandir.php?var=$val>$val</a><br>";
}else {
echo "$val<br>";

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