addcslashes string function

We can add slashes in c type by using addcshashes function . Here is the syntax

string addcslashes(string,string or charlist)

Here are some examples

$string="Hello welcome to plus2net Php section";
echo addcslashes($string,'e');

Output of this is here

H\ello w\elcom\e to plus2n\et Php s\ection

Note in all places char e is escaped by adding a slashes

Escaping more than one char

$string="Hello welcome to plus2net Php section";
echo addcslashes($string,'c,o,n');

Output is here

Hell\o wel\c\ome t\o plus2\net Php se\cti\o\n

For a series of chars

$string="Hello welcome to plus2net Php section";
echo addcslashes($string,'a..z');

Output is here

H\e\l\l\o \w\e\l\c\o\m\e \t\o \p\l\u\s2\n\e\t P\h\p \s\e\c\t\i\o\n

Note that all upper case chars are not escaped
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PHP String Functions

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