Server Transfer to run another ASP file

This is one way transfer of script execution from main file to another file without returning to main file again. ( Returning to main file again happens in Server.Execute method ). You can also read how Response.Redirect works similar to server.tranfer. Here is the code for file1.asp file.

<title>(Type a title for your page here)</title>
<body >

Dim var1
var1=" My name is plus2net "
Response.Write " I am inside file1.asp file "
Response.Write " <br>---<br> "
Response.Write " <br>---<br> "
Response.Write " I am back in main.asp file " & var1


Now here is the code for file2.asp file

Response.Write " I am in file2.asp inside "

Once we run file1.asp file we will get the output like this

I am inside file1.asp file
I am in file2.asp inside

Here the main difference between server.execute and server.transfer is in case of server transfer the control does not return to main file again. In case of server.execute the script control returns to main file after executing the inner ( or file2.asp) file.

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