Installing comment post script

Please read the basic tutorial on comment posting here. For installing the script open the mysql-dump.txt file and populate your MySQL database. Ensure that admin login record is added to admin table.While you install the tables in your database your admin login id and password gets inserted in the admin table. This default admin id and password is kept inside the mysql-dump.txt file. This default id and password will be installed while you are adding the tables. You are strongly advised to change this admin id and password for security reasons.

Open config.php file and update all login information. Open the URL page. Here the script is kept inside article directory ( change in your case ) . Use admin id and password as stored in admin record to enter into the admin area. For pages to display form and store the postings, add these lines.

//////// start of comment /////////////
$p_name="1be"; // Unique file name of the page.
require "config.php"; // Comment this if your page already established db connection
require "cmt-display.php"; // To display the comments
require "cmt-formck.php"; // Processing the form data
require "cmt-form.php"; // To display the form.
/////// end of comment //////////////
Download the full script here

Comment Post

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    nice script with great tutorial :)
    Edwin Lopez


    I would like to use this script to my site.


    it is very smart script


    It is very good, but how can I make the comments special for each article?

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