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Search using Ajax

Keyword search using Ajax

Server Clock

Display real-time clock showing server time by using Ajax and PHP with refresh rate of one second.

MySQL Admin

Browse through databases, tables and records of MySQL by using PHP - PDO

Adding profile picture

Member can login and update their profile photo.

Date Picker in JavaScript to select From date and To date from calendars

Display two interlinked monthly calendar with browse button to shift to different month and year. Visitors can select dates from the calendar as input to textbox.

How to display a progress bar using HTML5 tag

Displaying process linked progress bar by managing attributes and linking by Ajax & PHP

Password generator script

Using str_shuffle string function we can develop a short code to generate random passwords. Users can have options on how to generate the string by including and removing type of characters to be used in string.

NULL data in a table

What is NULL data in a table and how to mange NULL data.
Google Tools for SEO
Search engines have some excellent tools to tell about your website. Some of them are highly useful and they give lot of information to the webmaster about the problems / bugs in their sites.

Webmaster Central
All major search engines have tools to help webmasters to identify crawl issues and diagnose problems for better ranking.

Google Trend
This tool is not for low traffic websites. If the daily hits more than 2000 ( Unique / day ) then we can see the traffic history of the website. We can monitor the traffic over a period of time. The best part is we can compare traffic of more than one site by imposing graphs.

Google site search
We know how to search google by using a keyword. We can also search within a site for the keyword by using site: operator. We can also keep track of the pages indexed by using this command and mainly it helps us in knowing number of pages present in the google index.

Back Link updates through Google Alert
By using google alert service we can get information about back link updates in google index along with many other features.
HTML or any code to PHP string
Displaying HTML tag on web pages
Hex value of colors
IP address of website or host
HTML tags on Web Pages
Scrolling by Marquee
Date & Time
Form Validation
Event handling
Date & time

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