Membership management

Membership Management script in PHP MySQL : mem-mgmt-v1
Signup script has these features
Simple signup form
After signup member has to wait for admin clearance
Change Password by member
Update profile section for members
Add / Update profile picture by member. ( Read tutorial )
After login members can post comments in any member profile.

Site Admin
Site Admin can change status of any member at any time . Based on this members can login.
Delete members and all its comments
Delete only member
Delete comments posted by members
download Membership Management script

plus Signup Script ( Another PHP MySQL simple script without Membership Management )

Plus signup script does not have siteadmin feature and this is a simple script to understand signup, login, forgot password, update profile etc.
In this script member can just signup and login to system to update profile, change password etc without site admin approval and comment posting system.

To know all about Plus Signup script download Plus Signup Script.

For any changes or modifications , use the Forum

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Paul Campiou


I truly appreciate the work you do that allows someone such myself ",A Person That never finished.schoo and has no idea what is being said but can following instructions. SO PAGES LIKE YOURS HAVE BECOME MY MAIN TOOL IN GETTING INFORMATION.Which I can understand makes a individual such as yourself unhappy. But if more people could post things like this it would become a asset to people like me. I only ask if anyone that has the motivation and brain to simplify for people like me ..thank you

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