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  Now let us start with PHP  commands to connect to MySQL server.
Here the variables $servername is equal to the name of the MySQL server, $dbuser stores the user id  and $dbpassword is the password assign to the user id to access the mysql_server.  If successful then it will return TRUE and we can check the variable $link to check the status of the command.

if(!$link){die("Could not connect to MySQL");}

The above command will display the error message if connection is not established.  Now once the MySQL connection established then we can select the database by using the command mysql_select_db. Here is the command.
mysql_select_db("$dbname",$link) or die ("could not open
The above command will connect to database name stored in the variable $dbname. In case of any error the above line will print out it. Here is the total script below to connect from PHP to MySQL database using a function. At the top of the code we are assigning all values requried to connect to MySQL server.
// hostname or ip of server

// username and password to log onto db server $dbusername=''; $dbpassword='';
// name of database $dbname='mydb_name';
////////////// Do not  edit below/////////
connecttodb($servername,$dbname,$dbusername,$dbpassword); function connecttodb($servername,$dbname,$dbuser,$dbpassword) { global $link; $link=mysql_connect ("$servername","$dbuser","$dbpassword"); if(!$link){die("Could not connect to MySQL");} mysql_select_db("$dbname",$link) or die ("could not open db".mysql_error()); }?>

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