By using var_dump function we can get all details about the variable used. This function returns nothing and can take more than one variable as input. Let us try some examples.


The above code will return like this


Now let us try bit different by using one string variable


The output is here

string(7) "testing"

We get all information about the string variable $a in above line. The length of the string is 7 here. Now let us try by using more than one variable.


Output is here

float(5.9) string(7) "testing"

We can add one array variable to our input to var_dump function.

$ar=array('testing',' only ', ' at ', ' plus2net');

The output is here

float(5.9) string(7) "testing" array(4)
{ [0]=> string(7) "testing" [1]=> string(6) " only " [2]=> string(4) " at " [3]=> string(9) " plus2net" }

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