SUM of Multiple columns of MySQL table

We have seen how the sum function is used to get the total value of a column in a mysql table. Now we will learn how to get the query for sum in multiple columns and for each record of a table. For a better understanding we will change our student table a bit by adding marks in different subjects for each record. Now the table will be like this.
2Max RuinThree855685
4Krish StarFour605070
5John MikeFour608090
6Alex JohnFour559080
7My John RobFifth786070
9Tes QrySix786070
10Big JohnFour554055
We will write a query to display sum of all marks of each student. Note that here we will not use sum sql function inside our query. Here is the code.
SELECT id, name, class,( social + science + math) AS total FROM `student3`
2Max RuinThree226
4Krish StarFour180
5John MikeFour230
6Alex JohnFour225
7My John RobFifth208
9Tes QrySix208
10Big JohnFour150

Multiple columns SUM

As you can see the above sum is sum of marks of each student. This is horizontal sum in our table. Now we will try to get sum of marks of all students in all subjects. So the sum is to be collected in all three columns.

SELECT sum(social + math + science ) as total from student3
We can add various other sql commands like where clause etc.

Calculating Percentage of Marks

Let us assume the full mark in each subject is 95. So to get the percentage mark of each student we have to multiply 95 with 3 ( for three subjects ) and then divide that from the total and multiply with 100 here is the query.
SELECT name, (( social + science + math)/(95*3) * 100) AS percentage  FROM `student3`

Displaying Total Mark with Percentage

Both total mark and percentage we can display like this
SELECT id, name, class,( social + science + math) as Total,(( social + science + math)/(95*3) * 100) AS percentage  FROM `student3`
The Output is here.
2Max RuinThree22679.2982
4Krish StarFour18063.1579
5John MikeFour23080.7018
6Alex JohnFour22578.9474
7My John RobFifth20872.9825
9Tes QrySix20872.9825
10Big JohnFour15052.6316
The above percentage data is having four decimal places, we can format these numbers by using ROUND Sql command.

Sum of the row data of each record

Now we will try to display all marks and sum of them for each student. Here is the query
SELECT id,name,class, social, math, science, sum(social + math + science ) as Total from student3 group by id
The output is here
2Max RuinThree858556226
4Krish StarFour607050180
5John MikeFour609080230
6Alex JohnFour558090225
7My John RobFifth787060208
9Tes QrySix787060208
10Big JohnFour555540150

Storing total mark in different table.

We can store sum of marks in each subjects of each student in a different table. This will be useful for final report printing or displaying.

Storing sum of each record in different table

PHP code to display

We can execute the above code and display records by using PHP. Within the code first we will connect to MySQL database.
require "config.php"; // Database connection

$count="SELECT id,name, social, math, science, sum(social + math + science ) as total from student3 group by id";

echo "<table>";
echo "<tr><th>id</th><th>name</th><th>social</th><th>math</th><th>science</th><th>total</th></tr>";
foreach ($dbo->query($count) as $row) {
echo "<tr ><td>$row[id]</td><td>$row[name]</td><td>$row[social]</td><td>$row[math]</td><td>$row[science]</td><td>$row[total]</td></tr>";
echo "</table>";
Download the SQL dump of the above student table

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