String functions

MySQL string functions we can use to manipulate data and derive useful information and analysis from the tables. These functions can be used along with update commands to change records or can be used to update multiple tables.

If you have a table of your newsletter subscribers and you want to know how many are using gmail then you have to work on the email address and extract the domain part from it. You may also like it see the all the email providers in a single list with number of subscribers. Such applications are possible by using mysql string functions.

We will discuss some of the string functions and develop some applications using them.
Functions Description
concatAppending string data
substringGetting Part of the string
substring_indexPart of the string using delimiter
Data lengthnumber of characters present in data
locatesearching the string & getting location of presence
Lower Upper caseChanging lower case to upper case and vies versa
LengthLength of the string in our record
LeftGetting part of the string from left
LPADPad string from Left
replaceUpdating part of the data
ReverseReversing a string by Query
RepeatRepeating string n number of times

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