String Handling functions in ASP

We can use different functions of ASP ( using VBSCript ) to handle strings. Some common requirements like sending a string output to browser by using Response object or making a complex string search function there are functions to handle string. When we started our ASP scripts we stated with sending a simple string output to the browser.

There are different functions used in handling strings like finding out the length of the string to manipulating string and splitting string to create an array etc. We will discuss these string functions with examples so we can use them as reference for developing our applications.

Each tutorial here is focused on how to use one string function so you can read and understand there uses. The examples given here may not exactly match your requirements but these are developed keeping in mind give a basic understanding of the string functions and how they work. You can use the forum if you are facing any problem or a complex requirement you want to develop.

Adding strings

How to add two strings together to produce a third string? We can just display two strings by joining them using + ( plus ) symbol or using one & (ampersand ). These way two substrings can be added to crate one bigger string.

String length

We can use len function to get the length of the string. This functions counts the chars and spaces used inside the string and returns a number. We can also find out the size of the function by using lenB function.

Removing blank space

We can remove blank space present in a string at the starting or at the ending by using trim function. We can also specify ltrim or rtim to remove blank space from starting or ending of a string.

Changing upper case letter to lower case and vise versa

By using Ucase we can change all lower case letters present in a sting to Upper case and same way use Lcase to change all Lower case letter to Upper case letter.

Reversing a string

We can print or change a string by reversing its order from ending to starting.

String Compare in ASP

We can use strComp function in ASP to compare two string ( or substrings ) on various ways as required.

Collecting part of a string from left right or middle area

We can collect part of string from various locations ( starting ,ending or between ) by using left, right or mid functions in ASP.

Matching string inside another string

We can use InStr function to match a string inside another string. We can specify how the matching or compare type is to be done.

Search and replace matching string

We can search and then replace matching sting by using replace function in ASP. We can also specify the matching types based on which the matching will be carried out.

Text line break to HTML line break by Replace function

Replacing vbcrlf to HTML line break to display in browser by using Replace function in ASP

Creating array by breaking string

By specifying a delimiter we can break a string and crate an array by using split function.

Creating string by joining array

We can add all the elements of an array and create a string by using join function.

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ASP functions to handle string
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Getting the size or length of the string by using len() function
Removing blank space before and after a string using trim function
Changing lower to upper or upper to lower case of text present inside a string
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Compare two strings in different ways by using StrComp function
Collecting parts from Left , right and middle areas of a string
Checking matching of a string inside another string using InStr function
Searching and replacing strings inside another string using Replace function
Creating arrays by splitting string using split() function
Joining elements of an array to create a string variable
Line Break by replacing text line break to html line break using Replace function

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