HTML Site Map

HTML Introduction to HTML :
Learn basics of HTML, page structure and how to use

HTML5 Canvas :
Draw Graphics , Charts through circles, curves, lines etc

Buttons with Style :
Manage Border , raidous, shadow, Colour, Hover etc
Tags Description
<area>Marking area on a image for hyperlinking
<BASE>Base URL inside head to add to links of the page
<B>Displaying text in bold letters
<BR>Line break or carriage return
<blockquote>Adding indent to multiple line of text or words
<body>Body tag to store displayed main contain
<a href> LinkHyperLink
CANVASDrawing graphics: Circle, line, text .. on canvas
CSSCascade style sheet to manage layout, style and display of html elements
DatalistHTML 5 : Giving option to user to Auto complete
<DEL> Strikthrough font
<div>layout and style control, mouseover and position control using div tags
<DL>Definition list : item with Description
<font>Managing font style, size and color
<form>Web form to input data
<head>Head tag of a webpage to keep meta tags etc
<H1>Header tags to manage font
<hr>Horizontal line
<img>Displaying Image
<i>Italic tag to make a section of text Italic
<map> Map tag to mark area on image and hyperlink
<marquee>Scrolling text using marquee, managing speed and direction of scroll
<meta>Meta Description keywords
<P>Paragraph in html page
<progress>Progress tag used in HTML5
<pre>Displaying text with line breaks as it is using pre tag
<q>Adding quotation marks to a section of text
<INS>Range of inserted text
<S>Range of text no longer relevant.
<span>Marking with different property for a section with Span tag
<sub> <sup>Subscript & superscript
<script>Script tag to execute client side script
<strong>Strong tag to highlight text
<title>Title tag within head tag
<table>Table tag to manage layout
<OL>Ordered list in a webpage
<UL>Unordered list
<U>Underline the text
<XML>XML : Extensible Markup Language
Tags Description
Print PagePrinting web page on click of a button
DatelistDatalist HTML5
basic questions on HTML



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