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Primary Key Constraint

Primary Key is unique and not null constraint of the column to identify the row and we can use one Primary Key for one table.

Primary Key constraint
Basics of Database & SQL
What is SQL and database management

Php functions to manage MySQL database

IF Query
Create a grid view by displaying rows as columns using IF Command

Comparison Operators
Operators to compare data

Boolean data
MySQL stores Boolean data in Tinyint(1) field

Standard SQL functions ( commands )

Functions Description
AVGAverage value of a column and other math functions
AlterChanging the table Structure
BetweenRecords between two ranges
CASECondition check with select query
CountNumber of records in a table with different combinations
Copy TableCopy data from one table to another table
CONCATJoining and adding strings to columns
Create TableCreate table by using SQL
DatabaseCreate , display and delete Database
DeleteDelete records from table
DropDeleting table or table column
DistinctUnique records of a table
Group byGrouping data of a column of MySQL table
Group_concatGrouping string data to single column
HavingMatching data by Having command with group by
InsertAdding records to a table
ISIs operator to check against Boolean values
Insert SetAdding record with matching column and value
Inner Join Joining table to itself
INMatching record with set of data
Left joinJoining two tables and getting matching records with unique combination
LimitGetting limited records with starting and ending limit
LikeMatching record with wildcard and formatting
LocateMatching record and getting position of the search string
MAXHighest number of a column ( math functions: min, sum, average etc )
NULL valueMissing or unknown data
Over() Grouping window function using over() and partition
Order By displaying A to Z or Maximum to Minimum data
OR ANDLogical operators to use in a query
RandRandom records from a table
ReplaceUpdating part of data
REGEXPRegular expression to match pattern in string data
Rename Table Rename table by query
Select QuerySelect record from a table
SubqueriesQuery inside a query
UnionJoining tables and getting records
UpdateUpdate record with new data
WhereGetting records with conditions

MySQL Functions

Functions Description
Date & Time Managing Date & time field of MySQL table by formatting outputs and applying calculations on year, month, day etc.
Math FunctionsCounting total, average, Sum of a range of records by using Math Functions
String Functionsto use get length, lower case, repeat, reverse etc.

Joining More than one table

left join Managing Date & time field of MySQL table by formatting outputs and applying calculations on year, month, day etc.
left join II Left join using Multiple tables
left join III Example of Left Join using multiple tables
RIGHT JOINRIGHT Outer join of tables using ON columns
Linking TableDisplaying records connecting more than one table
UnionJoin two tables and display unique records
Inner Join Joining tables with itself and displaying records
CROSS Join Joining all rows of both tables

Collecting records from table

Record existsRecord is already available in a table ( checking userid )
second highestGetting the second highest number in a table column
sub groups Grouping within a group by sub-groups
Changing order Displaying highest or lowest or changing the display order
Sum storing Inserting sum of a column in other table
Length of Data Length of characters present in a field

More on SQL and Database Management

Keyword SearchGenerate SQL from the input search string and apply
Dynamic SearchGenerate Query based on various input combinations
SQL Securitydatabase vulnerability and injection attacks
Excel to MySQLShifting records from Excel to MySQL

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