Column chart using MySQL database

Column chart using MySQL database

Draw Column chart ( Google Chart ) by using data from MySQL database and using PHP Script.

Dynamically updating Column chart by updating elements of data array

Create iterable object by using iter()

In Python we can crate iterable objects by using iter() function.

Exception handling in Python

Using Try Except code blocks we can capture different exceptions in Python

Object Oriented Programming using Python

Learn basic Class, Object , Method etc by using Object Oriented Programming of Python.

PHP Shopping Cart script

Shopping cart script using two dimensional session array in PHP

Updating records through Grid view

Use checkbox to update records by displaying in a Matrix format.

Displaying tooltip to user by JQuery UI

Show help messages to user by using Tooltip. Messages can be displayed with different style and effects.

Tabs using JQuery UI

Demo scripts to create tabs and manage its options methods and events using JQuery UI

LEFT JOIN on multiple tables

Apply left join to more than two tables of MySQL to get meaning full report from your data

Three interlinked drop down list box using JQuery

Select Country then select State and then select City to get all details. These three drop downs are interlinked. PHP, MySQL & JQuery is used.

Bootstrap 4 pagination of records

Pagination class of Bootstrap 4: breaking multiple records to navigate to different pages. With database management.
Analog Clock

Analog Clock on HTML Canvas
Search using Ajax

Keyword search using Ajax
What is the most important factor of a web site?

21% : Maintainability

27% Navigation

29% Look and feel

23% Content


Structured Query Language is the common language to manage all types of databases


The server side script used for handling dynamic content and managing database


The client side script to manage user inputs. Helps in better user experience

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