Python programming tutorials

Python is popular because of its easy coding. This English like script is modular and code can be reused. It is an interpreted, object oriented and high level language with dynamic semantic.

Guido van Rossum known as the creator of the Python programming language.

indentation matters

Indent in Python codingBlock of codes are maintained by using same indent. Line of codes within a particular loop or if condition is maintained within the same indent. Nested loops also maintain the similar indenting condition.

Using Editor for Python

You can use Jupyter notebook for your coding in your system or use Google Colab the cloud based platform for your Python code.

Built in Functions

Based on our requirements we can add modules available in Python environment. However there are some basic functionality which are required for execution of standard programs. These basic functions are available as part of the core Python and we don’t have to import / include any additional module to use them.
Built in Functions in Python

operating system interfaces

Interact with operating system by using the os module. Create or manage directory and files and move to different location within the system.
os: operating system interfaces

Python Version

import sys
Output ( may change based on installation )
3.7.10 (default, Feb 20 2021, 21:17:23)
Using Command Line interface ( type cmd in search or type cmd in Run box )
python --version

Installed libraries

Display a list of installed libraries available with Python. ( Try it in Colab also. )
%pip freeze
In windows use like this at your command prompt.
C:\Users>python -m pip freeze
Unix MacOS
$ python -m pip freeze

Python Basics

counter()dict subclass for counting hashable objects
calendarCalendar Module
commentsSingle line or multiline comments
dateDate functions
DocstringsDocumentation of Modules functions methods and class.
functionsUser defined function with Parameters handling
File handlingMethods for file handling
Class & ObjectObject Oriented Programming in Python
for loopfor loop with break continue and else
generatorcreating iterator in python
iteratoriterable object by using iter() in python
mathMath functions
mutableMutable and Immutable objects
PDFCreate PDF files with shapes and tables.
randomGenerating random integer and float numbers between a range
StringString methods and applications
Sample CodesSample codes in python
try catchHandling error in Python
variableHow to declare and rules
Reserved WordsList of reserved words and how to check
xlsxwriter, openpyxl Managing Excel file

Learn Python basics through ONLINE classes
BooleanVar()Tkinter Variable for handling True / False data
IPIP address and host name in Python
JsonJson methods to manage Json data formatting
tkinterPython GUI Module module
TurtleDraw graphics in Python
tupleOrdered unchangeable items list
DjangoPython web framework
PicklePickle or Un-pickle Python objects
PillowPython Imageing Library : PIL
OperatorsAll Python Operators
inMembership Operators
isIdentity Operators
BitwiseBitwise operators in Python
precedencePrecedence of operators in Python
Database Management using Python
MySQLPython functions to manage MySQL database
SQLitePython functions to manage SQLite database
Installing Python
IIS cgiPython through IIS CGI
Python Google sheets


append_table()Transfer data from CSV or Excel file to Google Sheets
get_as_df()Create Pandas DataFrame using data from Google Sheets
set_dataframe()Add data from Pandas DataFrame to Google Sheets
TreeviewCreate Tkinter Treeview using data from Google Sheets
ComboboxOptions of Tkinter Combobox using data from Google Sheets


Python data analysis tool
Pandas Data analysis tool
Numpyscientific computing using Numpy
PythrendsUn offical google API to get data from Google Trends
online classJoin our online class through google meet
BeautifulSoup for screen-scrapingBy using BeautifulSoup we can parse HTML or XML documents and get the required tags or contents
tensorflowtensorflow basics
matplotlibmatplotlib library to draw graphs
BeautifulSoupmatplotlib library to draw graphs

CBSE Python

High School Python ( part of Syllabus)
CBSE Python syllabus with link to solutions are here.
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    I have created small hotel management system using Python and Sqlite3. Before I convert it to Python exe, everything is fine. Whenever I close the program and reopen it again, I see everything I inserted into it.

    But when I convert it to Python exe using Pyinstaller, an error arises. Everything I inserted into my Python exe file gets lost when I close the app and reopen it.

    Please I appreciate your help.


    The supporting files should be created in one directory. Try to keep all supporting files in one location and then create the .exe

    Post your comments , suggestion , error , requirements etc here

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