Developing customer servie to webpage and avoid queuing

Dear plus2net members,

I am August Daubert and i got a great idea:

I would like to start a software that makes a new generation of customer service. There will be no long-long calling, tipeing the numbers 1-5 to the phone to finally get to the supporter.

The line will be simple:
1. Customer fills in a Form at the company's webpage. The form will require phone number, product serial number and the problem basicly.
2. the form will be checked by the software - so it will send the supporter the details also call the supporter and customer the same time.
3. The software will connect the client straight to the supporter.

What do you think, is it marketable?
I think your missing a couple of more steps after the software connects to the client. How will it connect to the supporter? How? Telephone? Chat? Or Computer Script? Through chat or by telephone, if by telephone I think that deals with telephony, What a script that will continue to answer with predefined answers using regular expression for key searches? It gets more difficult after three, more thought needs to be put into this to see if it can be done. I believe if it can be done then and work as desired. Then yes it's marketable but then you have to ask the question by going backwards and think from the result to present. ;)
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