how to make each user login to customized page created only for him

i just used the script in ur tutorials on how to build a login page and it is great. but how can i make each user, when they login, to view page customized for only them. i would be waiting a swift response thanks.
Customization for each member mean you need to store the choice for each member. So after login you can ask them to submit the way they want to set the pages. But login page is something where you can't identify the member before so you have to use cookies to identify the member and accordingly adjust the layout.
ok thanks for your reply. but i want some like when:
user a logs in with user: a pass: b = c.php
user d logs in with user: d pass: c = f.php where '=' means redirect.

i need something like dis. i would appreciate some help here thanks
This article on redirect based on login will help
@hanksmile did the below article help you? because i am trying to do the same thing, I know it has something to do with sessions but i have tried this and have had no luck
you could use some php if and else statements to redirect the users.

so it would be if user a logs in with his username and password you could have the if statements read that and then redirect... you will have to insert the users username and password in the if statements to make it work...
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