after login the user goes to their own page

Im sure this has been asked a 1000 times but i have followed and used the login user tutorial and it all works fine bit when the user logs in it goes to the welcome.php page. I want it to go to the own unique page with information pulled off the data base. i have tried
echo "<left>Welcome $session[userid] to your information page</left>";
this works then i try and add another session from the DB and it doesnt work, i am creating this in the welcome.php page as this is the page the login is going to on a successful login.

Can anybody help me? Im sure it is something very simple
thanks in advance
You need to collect user details from the database and then display to the user. In your information page you should have a SQL query like this.

$sql="select * from profile_table where userid=$session[userid]";

Now you will collect all the details and display them for up dation.
It is better to use session variable like this $_SESSION[userid]
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