Two problems with Installation

Hi, please forgive me, I'm a noob but I've read the basic MySQL/PHP tuts as well as a passing familiarity of javascript, but I can't get this to work and I know it's some value I'm changing incorrectly, just can't find it. I have two problems: First, whatever I select in select box 1 (Make of auto) doesn't filter the selections in select box 2 (Model). Second, when a selection is made in select box 1, the reload function does not keep its selected value (eg. Ford) and pass it into the reload, but defaults it back to the null selection (Select Make). If someone wants to go over my code I'd be happy to email it if you'd PM me. I can also include a description of my database layout. I'm sure I boggled something in my setup but I can't find it to save my life. Anyone willing to help will earn undying admiration and thanks from me.
Try this FAQ on drop down listbox
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