Forgot Password Script

I'm working on a member login system and using your tutorial. when I try the function of the "forgot_password.php", I get the following error:

"; $status= "NOTOK";} echo "

"; if($status=="OK"){ $query="SELECT email,userid,password FROM plus_signup WHERE = '$email'"; $st=mysql_query($query); $recs=mysql_num_rows($st); $row=mysql_fetch_object($st); $em=$row->email;// email is stored to a variable if ($recs == 0) { echo "
No Password
Sorry Your address is not there in our database . You can signup and login to use our site.

Sign UP
"; exit;} $headers4=""; ///// Change this address within quotes to your address /// $headers.="Reply-to: $headers4\n"; $headers .= "From: $headers4\n"; $headers .= "Errors-to: $headers4\n"; //$headers = "Content-Type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1\n".$headers;// for html mail un-comment this line if(mail("$em","Your Request for login details","This is in response to your request for login detailst at site_name \n \nLogin ID: $row->userid \n Password: $row->password \n\n Thank You \n \n siteadmin","$headers")){echo "
Your password is posted to your emil address . Please check your mail after some time.
";} else{ echo "
There is some system problem in sending login details to your address. Please contact site-admin.

";} } else {echo "

";} ?>

I have edited my php.ini and sendmail.ini to use my gmail account. I am fairly new at using php and would appreciate any advise concerning this problem.


Tom Travis

I forgot to add:

I'm using xampp setup for local server and dreamweaver cs5 for editing
Either fully or partly your page PHP code is not getting executing. The above code is after the PHP closing bracket if your PHP installation is fine or check your installation by using phpinfo()
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