Adding line feed or br in a str

Running out of hair - please help.

What is the proper syntax to get a line feed in the resulting email that $strMessage is passed to ? I just can not get it to work !

$strMessage = "Content: ".$_POST["txtfname"]." \\n ".$_POST["txtlname"]." \\n ".$_POST["txtDescription"]." ";

The email gets sent fine but everything is all on one line.
It should be \n
not \\n
I had already tried your suggestion but just be sure I tried it again but the email sends fine but there are no LFs CRs in it. All the fields print on the same line.

Code is now: $strMessage="Content: ".$_POST["txtfname"]." \n ".$_POST["txtlname"]." \n ".$_POST["txtDescription"]." ";

I have tried "\n"and that throws an error. What really puzzles me is there are no syntax errors but the code does NOT produce the desired results.

i.e Actual Results = John Doe Description

Desired Results:

etc ...
etc ...

Can it be the position of the \n ? I've tried several different placements but keep getting syntax errors.
Can it be forced with 'hidden' fields in the table that contain a <br /> or <p /> ?
If you are sending text based email then \n will work , but if you are sending html emails then you have to use line break tag <br>.

If you are sending any user data then you can use nl2br function to add line breaks for every carriage return and line breaks added by user.
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