How to calculate interest after some days of sale invoice is issued?

on 11-03-2013 a invoice no. 26 is issued Which amount is Rs.5000/-
60 days are maximum time for payment to be paid, else After 60 days 1.25% of interest is to be included.

And if the payment was made in time and more than the actual value e.g Rs 6000/-
The company will pay Interest to the customers
This is simple date calculation. In a table keep the invoice number, amount and the date of issue. In the same record keep the payment date and amount.

For a invoice collect all the information and then calculate the interest part by finding out the difference in days. You can apply all your conditions like before 60 days and after 60 days and then display the interest amount.

You may have to create forms to enter the data to the table.
@siteadmin Thank you Sir !!!
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