PHP Members management script : mem-mgmt-v2

The next version of PHP membership management script is going to use JQuery with Bootstrap 4. We are planning to explain the features and issues here. You are welcome to post your views.

Folder template will have file top.php . This will have top navigational menu. head.php file will have all external pointing links for JQuery and bootsrap. One custome.css fill will have css code to override the bootstrap style when ever required.

Captcha verification is added.
PHp function password_verify() , password_hash() will be used.

Validation of userid, password, email , and checkbox for terms and conditions.
Checkbox on check or change event , check the status and remove the error conditions with message.
Reason for going for front end Jquery and backend PHP validation.

Posting confirmation mail after signup. One page to add about this
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