Understanding Bounce rate of website & comparing with page quality. High Bounce rate is not wrong



High bounce rate is not an indicator of poor quality of the page, visitors might reading all content and satisfied with the requirement and leaving the site.
Bounce rate has to be read along with Average time on page to decide on how the visitors are perceiving about the content of the page.

Bounce rate is ratio of number of single page sessions to all sessions

Bounce rate of different type of content varies and usually technical blogs will have high bounce rates. Travel blogs are expected to have less bounce rates.
Less Content may have high bounce rate but not necessarily poor in quality perceptive. Very specific and short answer may satisfy the user requirement so time on page factor may be also less. That is the reason we can’t confirm about the quality of the page based on Bounced rates.
Here are some of the factors can affect bounce rate.

Primary content
It must address the purpose of the page. The visitor should be satisfied with the primary content to check further.
Matching Image , charts , videos can increase the interest of visitors if the content is too long
Contact support , Free offers should be easily accessible from Primary content
Don’t spam : Nothing should be over forced
Position of Ads should not be at the Primary content, Ads should not occupy more space within the primary content.
easy navigation: visitors must know what they are going to get before they click.
Easy Page Layout high loading speed will result in better user experience.

End page engagement
Subscribe to newsletter, free downloads , ebooks are some of the offers that can be placed at the end of the page to encourage the visitor to move to other areas.
Inside google analytics bounce rate of pages can be monitored.
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