Basics of Internet, the IP addressing system protocol with front end & back end tools in network


Internet is a network of computer and devices. The main concept of internet works with Client and server technology. The client sends a request and receive the response from the servers. The servers can handle multiple clients and clients can also send requests to different servers to get the information.
Three important concepts we must understand
What is the common protocol among computers to communicate?
How the addressing system works ?
What is the common data formats which server sends and client understands?

Over internet the common protocol is HTTP or known as Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. HTTPS is used when data is passed in encrypted format.
Addressing system is known as Internet Protocol address or IP address. This way of communication is by using numbers are difficult to remember. Hence Domain Name Servers are used to keep the list of domain names to matching IP address.
Our browser can understand only HTML , CSS or JavaScript these are known as Front end tools. Our client browser can’t understand any other languages like PHP, Perl, Python , Java etc which are server side scripts and they run at server. Our server process the request by using various programs and databases and return us the result. The script which runs at server are known as backend scripts.
What technology or language your want to learn ? Front end or Back end ? Leave your comment
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