Question Hub from Google

Google one more product is Question Hub where the user questions are stored. These are the queries which google has no answer and expect user ( we ) to provide.

Home page here says it all in three steps .
Step 1 : Find the right question
Step 2 : Create richer content
Step 3 : Track your impact

Step 1
We have nothing much to do here than finding relevant questions. The best way is to focus on one area ( niche area ) and see the impact. You may have solution for several areas , it is better to focus more on one area and judge the impact.

Step 2
Most useful as it helps in improving your existing content by proving relevant answers to the questions. If you have started with your niche area then your content will be more effective as it can present on a broad area. Ultimately it will help in building authoritativeness in the area you are focusing. Several time if the content is not there to answer the question then it is better to add that particular piece of content and then submit the reply. The adding can be of improving the existing content or adding new content. But ensure that the page is updated or added at Google webmaster console ( or Google search console ) before it is submitted as answer to question hub. This is more important when we update one existing content as the old content may not be sufficient to answer the user requirement once it is presented to the visitor.

Step 3
Use the same login as you use Google webmaster console, as you can track the performance. The result will start showing after some time. We will update this part once we have sufficient data to conclude any findings.

Sometime we think really google is not aware of the answers or it is just using us as human evaluator to checks its output. With the use of Artificial Intelligence google can match the question to relevant content. Or by presenting the same to the question hub it is just cross checking its own output ?

As we have to submit the links only, it is better we present the best matching link by adding content if required. If we provide irrelevant or less relevant links as answer that will result in poor user experience. Watch your bounce rate with time on page figures for the traffic.

We will post more resources and outcome of findings here.

The performance page tells you about the number of questions you answered, with number of articles ( links you submitted ) along with that it collects data from Webmaster Search Console and shows you the Search Impression and Search Clicks.

Each Question or submission wise we can see the details by expanding it and the data taken from Search Console is displayed, we can click the respective box and visit the Search Console to see the same data.

The main question is : Is it improving my ranking ?
Answer is : No, but not directly. As you are adding more focused content on the topic of your choice so it may be helping in improving ranking.
So far I can't say we are benefited in terms of improved ranking.

Add 10 questions at a time and complete these 10 questions before adding next 10 questions. You can add more questions but going by 10 questions is better as you can focus and complete the questions. Dismiss the questions which you are not answering. All questions will have Answer and Dismiss buttons.
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