Changing Thumbnail design of Youtube videos

Recently nearly 10 days back we changed some thumbnail images of some videos , these videos were having good views ( comparable with other other videos ).
After these changes, we noticed decrease in views though the click through rate has gone up. I stopped further changing and waiting for stabilization. May be the algorithm is checking the effect of these changes with the content.

Or it may be due to some other reasons ?
Nothing else I have changed , so this is I am thinking the reason must be.

Why I changed ?
My old thumbnails were based on my clean design I use for web pages. I realized that better branding and for distinct identity, images must maintain uniform look and feel of the thumbnails so it can be easily identifiable from a list. Using a particular color combinations will help in leaving a good branding strategy in the minds of the visitors.

Any way we are not planning to revert to old style ( which was too simple and plain ) but we will wait for few more days and expecting things to return to normal.
If you are showing your face in thumbnails , then your face is your brand. From a list of videos yours own will be clearly project out based on your appearance, but when you are not using your face as brand then a distinctive layout with color combinations must be used to give an unique impression on the mind of your visitors.
Specific color combinations of text , placing logo at a particular location will help.
Note that when you display your video in your blog posts, youtube will add some icons over it , like watch on youtube etc. So try to avoid those areas in your thumbnail as those parts will be covered by these icons or images.

If you have planned to change the thumbnail then don't start from the most viewed videos as the download impact will be more. Let us wait and see when we will recover.
Now I am seeing first sign of recovery, mostly youtube algorithm has finished checking and now releasing the previous rate. Slowly increasing to the level it was 12 days back. Tomorrow evening I can confirm this after daily updates of analytics. I got the slight indication when I found the regular drop of view from Thursday to Friday has reduced in comparison to previous period.
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