MS Access 2003 Database as exe file

Good day!

I created a database using MS Access 2003 and I want it make to MDE file but when I click the Make MDE File I got the pop up message like this:

You cannot create a Microsoft Offiece Access ADE or MDe file from a
database saved in Microsoft Office Access - 2000 format

Convert the database to the current version of Microsoft Office Access. Then create the ADE or MDE File.

When I check the Tools>Database Utilities>Convert Database>To Access 2000 File Format it was disable or grey out. I don't know why:confused:

What should I do? or what configuration I need to do?

Thank you
Is it possible that the switchboard could be executable? I want to happen be no need to open the ms access to view the forms. Only the switchboard form would be executed. I read some forums that I need the Microsoft Access Runtime and I'm not familiar with it.

Thank you
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