Showing one record on one page - linked from a central page.

I have one page with links like this id1, id2, id3 etc.

I need to link to a page where all the info in the specific record is shown.

I noticed the tutorial but I need an easier way of handling this. One record - one page. Click a link and go to the page that contains the specific id record.

What about creating an easier tutorial?
This could be used for the student database someone mentioned in another posting below, my film archive section showing screened movies, an address database, and other databases where one needs one record per page. Having a central page with links containing id, name or something else which connects to the record holding the specific info.

This would be a very good tutorial that I know that I need.
Usually the id field is used to collect single record from the table. For example this particular forum page and see the topic_id=50 in address bar. You can change that id to 51 or 49 to go to other topics.

To make it simple we will add one tutorial where this page where all records are displayed and on click of student name the full details of the student will be displayed in one page.
Another example is this car classified site.

The tutorial will be added shortly.

This will really help what I am working on! Just to show an example of what I plan to use this for here is an image with fields:

I will need to transfer the knowledge from your tutorial into creating my screened movie database which include various fields: heading, movie title, screening date, images area, text about the movie, embeded video with a sidebar of short movie info. To me it seems pretty complex.

Archive section:

I mention the above thinking that you could add some extra tips into the tutorial.

Thank you very much!
One record per page
Thank you....:)

I feel like I am not getting it.
You mention a student table (another tutorial) It would be nice to tie the first tutorial with the second.

Showing the beginning of the student table tutorial and a natural progression into the next tutorial on showing one record per page.

Meaning someone could follow the tutorial and create it on their own computer using XAMPP, MySQL and PHP. By doing so learn the various steps and then transfer the knowledge into other projects. For it would be nice to begin with the basics and move on from there.
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