php href and javascript

I am having difficutly getting the following code to execute. TO wit:
echo "<a href=\"javascript:popUpFAQ('faq-1.htm'\">$player</a>";
A table is being loaded with players names from an sql database. The above statement is displaying in one of the columns of the table immediately after the echo statement echo "<td>";
I have tried numerous options with single quotes, double quotes, etc. The closest I can come is eliminating the ('faq-1.htm) URL; it displays properly but the link errs out.
Any help or explanation would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
$player = 'PlayerName';
echo "<a href=javascript:popUpFAQ('faq-1.htm')>".$player."</a>";
here $player is player name generated dynamically using database value.
as of u mention popUpFAQ method has been populated of input faq-1.htm page if the script is correct otherwise check
echo "<a href=javascript:alert('faq-1.htm')>".$player."</a>";
whether if any other prob.
May this help U...
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