Math.exp() returns e raised to the power x ( input number ) .
Here are some examples with different type of numbers.
System.out.println(Math.exp(4));   //54.598150033144236
System.out.println(Math.exp(1));    //2.718281828459045
System.out.println(Math.exp(0));    //1.0
System.out.println(Math.exp(4.12)); //61.55924226442852
Using negative input numbers
System.out.println(Math.exp(-4.12)); //0.01624451444194987
System.out.println(Math.exp(-1));   //0.36787944117144233

Using formula and e

The math formula for exp() function is e ** x

e : is a numerical constant of value equal to 2.71828
This is the base of natural logarithm and known as Euler's number.

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