Java Math Tutorial

math functions
abs()Absolute value of number
ceil()Lowest higher double value of a number
floor()Highest lower double value of a number
floorDiv()Highest lower long value of the algebraic quotient
round()rounding to nearest integer
random()randome number generator
min()minimum of two input numbers
max()maximum of two input numbers
sqrt()Square root of input number
exp()Euler's number e raised to the power
log()Natural logarithm with base e
log10()Natural logarithm with base 10
log1p()Natural logarithm of number + 1
pow()one number raised to the power of another number

Math.PI is a constant used in trigonometric calculations.
System.out.println(Math.PI);   //3.141592653589793
toDegrees()From radians to degree
toRadians()From degree to redian
sin()sin of an angle in radian
cos()cos of an angle in radian
tan()tan of an angle in radian
asin()arc sin value
acos()arc cosine value
atan()arc tan value
sinh()hyperbolic sin vlaue
cosh()hyperbolic cosine value
tanh()hyperbolic tan value

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