Bold tag in html code

Bold tag in html is used to highlight marked portion of the text in bold. Bold tag differentiates the marked area from the rest.

Here is one example of bold text.

This area is simple text and this part is written in bold. Here again simple area

You can see the code of the above line with bold tag inside ( the change in color of the font is because of assigned style through CSS ).

This area is simple text and <b>this part is written in bold</b>. Here again simple area

Bold tag have one starting <b> tag and one ending </b> tag.

As html tags are case insensitive so capital letter tag or small letter tag can be used. Like this

This area is simple text and <b>this part is written in bold</B>. Here again simple area

We can manage how the bold tag should change by using style sheet. We can use class attribute in bold tag and manage the display properties.

Similar to bold tags are <strong>, mark and partly h1 to h6 tags.

We should not use bold tag inside page title or inside description , keywords etc ( inside head part).

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