Applet Tag in HTML webpages

<Applet> tag is used to include Java applets in web pages. Java applets are files with ".class" extension.

Attributes of <applet> tag:

          Code: Used to specify the name of the Java applet file.

          Width: Used to specify the width of the applet.

          Height: Used to specify the height of the applet.


          <applet code="japplet" width=400 height =250></applet>

          This code specifies that the applet to be used is "japplet.class".

          An applet can be customized with parameters. Parameters of an applet let us pass information to the applet. <Param> tag is used to pass parameters to the applet.


          <applet code="japplet" width=400 height =250>

          <param name="label" value="This is a java applet with parameter">


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