Ordered Lists in HTML

Ordered lists are also referred to as Numbered Lists. Ordered lists can be defined using <OL> ... </OL> tags. The tag <OL> indicates the start of a ordered(numbered) list while </OL> signals the end of the list.

Attributes of <OL> .. </OL> :

Type: This attribute indicates the type of the numbering to be used. This attribute possibly takes the values such as "1"(will give values from 1,2,3 ... ), "A" (will give numbering as A,B,C ....) , "a" (will give numbering as a,b,c ...), "I" (will give numbering as roman numbers I, II, III ...) or "i" (will give numbering as i, ii, iii ...)

         Start: This attribute indicates the value at which numbering should start.

         <LI> ... </LI> :

         These tags are used within <OL> ... </OL> Each numbered item is enclosed with in the tags <LI> ... </LI>


             <OL type="1" start="9">

                 <LI> Ordered list item 1 </LI>

                 <LI> Ordered list item 2 </LI>

                 <LI> Ordered list item 3 </LI>


             This ordered list will be displayed as
  1. Ordered list item 1
  2. Ordered list item 2
  3. Ordered list item 3
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Ndungu Thairu Wairubi


very well elaborated article,easy to understand thank you guys.....

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