HTML tutorial with codes and tags descriptions

HTML is the heart of the internet and is know as Hyper Text Markup Language. Information used by Text Processing and Word Processing systems to describe how the text of the document is to be displayed is known as “Markup”. HTML is defined using the Standard Generalized Markup Language (referred to as SGML). It is a way of incorporating text, graphics, sounds and videos all in one document known as a Web Page. HTML is used to create web pages which a browser can understand.

HTML is simple but powerful language. The Simplicity of HTML allows anyone to create web pages. Pages created can be linked together using links, usually referred to as Hyperlinks. The user has to just click on it to get access to related information. In general HTML is based on two concepts:


This provides a way to create a link between information of the same page as well as among different pages.

Markup Language:

Markup refers to the special tags that a part of the HTML document, which specify how the document content should be displayed (as we have seen before)

HTML tutorial will explain how to create html pages in easy learning process. HTML code samples will be given at different places where ever required. Tutorial pages are developed for easy navigation between pages and to give a better understanding on how to use with details help on every page.

types of Tags

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