Converting html tags to display in web pages.

We can’t display html tags as it is to get displayed in the browser. Say for example you want to give html code to your visitor to place a link in their web site, pointing to your site. To display html tags in html format we have to use different ways. Browser will not display any thing within less than and greater than symbols. Browser will not display < character as it is. To display symbol < we have to write &lt; , same way to display greater than character > we have to use &gt; So to display the code of a link pointing to we have to write like this.

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&lt;a href=;HTML Tutorials&lt;/a&gt;

The above line when displayed by the browser it will display this

<a href=>HTML Tutorials</a>

We also have to take care of line brakes. We have to use <br> tag in place of line breaks.

Here is a code generator which will convert your html tags to web page friendly display. Paste any html code here and copy the code printed above it

Line breaks not requried

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good script, I am using this regularly
"Great Code" to make a website with HTML tutorials like this website
thanks, it works very well and is a nice timesaver for displaying snippets online
Very helpful, thanks.
Mayesh 22-11-2013
It is very useful
Thankq plus2net
Connie 10-09-2014
Thank you so much. What a time saver!
This is really good..Thanks..!
Very useful tutorial. Saved so much time. Thanks...!
Awesome tool .... Saved so much time ... Thanks !!!!

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