Slice to collect elements of an array

By using slice method we can collect a part of the array. Using slice we can specify were to start and by using another optional argument we can pass to tell where to end.
array.slice(start, [end]);
If we don't specify the start value then splice will start returning from 0 element or first element.

The second argument end is optional and if we don't specify then all elements staring from start till the end of the array will be returned.

Here is our example

<script type="text/javascript">
var names=new Array();
names[0] = "John";
names[1] = "Mike";
names[2] = "Rose";
names[3] = "Steve";
names[4] = "Rabin";


The output of above code will be
We can get elements from a position till end like this.
The output of the above code is
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