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INNER join SQL command is mostly used to join one table to it self. The biggest advantage of doing this is to get linking information from the same table. We will try to understand this with an example. The best example of INNER join will be employee table where we will keep the employee and its manager as a single record. This way by linking to the table it self we will generate a report displaying it as two linked tables. Each record will have one additional field storing the data of the manager by keeping the employee ID and we will use M_ID ( manager ID ) to link with main employee ID. This way we will link two virtual tables generated from one main table. Here is the table. You can download /copy the sql dump file to create your own MySQL table for testing.
Main tableManagersEmployee
id name m_id
1 John 2
2 Greek Tor 1
3 Alex John 0
4 Mike tour 1
5 Brain J 3
6 Ronald 3
7 Kin 4
8 Herod 3
9 Alen 2
10 Ronne 1
id emp_name
2 Greek Tor
3 Alex John
1 John
3 Alex John
3 Alex John
4 Mike tour
3 Alex John
2 Greek Tor
1 John
id emp_name
1 John
2 Greek Tor
3 Alex John
4 Mike tour
5 Brain J
6 Ronald
7 Kin
8 Herod
9 Alen
10 Ronne
Main Table (emp ): Table with id , name and m_id. Each employ has one unique id and one m_id ( manager id which is part of id field )

Note that we have only one table main table and other two Managers and Employee reports are generated out of the main table only.

In the table you can see every record has one manager id field known as m_id. We have used the unique id of the employee in the m_id field to mark who is the manager for the employee.
To generate the manager table we have used this SQL

SELECT t1.id,t1.name as emp_name from emp as t1 INNER JOIN emp as t2 on t1.id=t2.m_id

Employee report

To generate employee report we will use the matching id of employee. Note the id =3 , here since we kept him without boss but still as an employee we can display.

To generate the employee report we have used this SQL

SELECT t1.id,t1.name as emp_name from emp as t1 INNER JOIN emp as t2 on t2.id=t1.id

Employee Manager report

Now let us use inner join to create one report to display who is the manager of which employee. Check this SQL

SELECT t1.id, t1.name as emp_name, t2.name as manager FROM emp as t1 INNER JOIN emp as t2 on t2.id = t1.m_id

Note : Here record with id=3 is missing as Alex John does not have any Manager.
id emp_name manager
1 John Greek Tor
2 Greek Tor Alex John
4 Mike tour John
5 Brain J Alex John
6 Ronald Alex John
7 Kin Mike tour
8 Herod Alex John
9 Alen Greek Tor
10 Ronne John

`name` varchar(25) NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
`m_id` int(4) DEFAULT '0',
UNIQUE KEY `id` (`id`)
) ;

-- Dumping data for table `emp`

INSERT INTO `emp` (`id`, `name`, `m_id`) VALUES
(1, 'John', 2),
(2, 'Greek Tor', 3),
(3, 'Alex John', 0),
(4, 'Mike tour', 1),
(5, 'Brain J', 3),
(6, 'Ronald', 3),
(7, 'Kin', 4),
(8, 'Herod', 3),
(9, 'Alen', 2),
(10, 'Ronne', 1);

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Thanks i got the complete idea of Inner join.
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