Handling Checkbuttons in Angular
We can select only one of the available options in case of radio buttons, in case of Checkboxes we can select more than one options.
Python Angular JQuery

Python : {{Python}}, Angular : {{Angular}}, JQuery : {{JQuery}}
<div ng-app="my_app" ng-controller="my_ctrl">
<input type=checkbox ng-model="Python" > Python 
<input type=checkbox ng-model="Angular"> Angular
<input type=checkbox ng-model="JQuery"> JQuery
Python : {{Python}}, Angular : {{Angular}}, JQuery : {{JQuery}}

var app = angular.module('my_app', []);
app.controller('my_ctrl', function($scope) {

Default selected Checkbox

We can't add the attribute checked to the checkbox to make it selected by default. We have to set the value for ng-model to make it selected.
DEMO : Default selection of Checkbox

Default data from external source

Default status ( checked or unchecked ) can be set by taking data from external sources in JSON format. Such external source can be MySQL database or from CSV file or from any other storage process.
DEMO : Default selection of Checkbox using data from external sources

onChange event of Checkbox

We can read and display the values of a group of checkboxes by using onChange event of any checkbox.
DEMO : OnChange event of Checkbox

Managing a group of checkboxes

By using one checkbox we can copy the status to a group of checkboxes.
DEMO : Managing group of Checkboxes
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