Drop down with options from JSON formatted values with filter

The options are taken from a set of JSON formatted strings, but while adding as options one filter is applied to show only class Three students for selection.
Selected Student = {{students}} , Selected Mark = {{students.mark}}

<div ng-app="my_app" ng-controller="my_ctrl">
 <select ng-model="students" ng-options=" x.name for x in details | filter :{'class':'Three'}"  >
<span>Selected Student = {{students}}</span> , 
<span>Selected Mark = {{students.mark}}</span>

var app = angular.module('my_app', []);
app.controller('my_ctrl', function($scope, $http) {
 $scope.details=[{"id":"1","name":"John Deo","class":"Four","mark":"75"},
{"id":"2","name":"Max Ruin","class":"Three","mark":"85"},
{"id":"4","name":"Krish Star","class":"Four","mark":"60"},
{"id":"5","name":"John Mike","class":"Four","mark":"60"}]
We have two students of class = Three, so only two options are available for selection as we have applied filter to restrict the options.

Using functions as filters

We can use functions so more conditions can be applied as filters.
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Dropdown List Box
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